My name is Angela Arellano, born and raised in Pueblo, Colorado. I am currently living in Denver, Colorado attending Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. I pride myself in the process, craftsmanship, and the art of typography.

Without process, design lacks major components to make the work successful. Every aspect of the product has a process to it, whether it be a logo or a full brand identity. Each part of the process to get to the final product is problem solving. Without it design has an absence of adaptation in real life. Process also helps the client understand how you got to the idea, and how you solved their problem.

Craftsmanship above all I believe is the most important in design. Without it you cannot get to the real finished product. Craftsmanship speaks for the work itself. In the world today we sacrifice craftsmanship for expediency. We would rather pay a lower price for something that just “does the job,” than paying for something that shows the passion, care, and attention to detail that an artist can provide.

I will proudly call myself a “typophile” because typography is an art, a love. You can have good design but typography makes great design. Without the knowledge and admiration for the way words look on the page your work ends up just blending into the background. Great typography will make it stand out.

As a designer I believe that my craft, my career, is a responsibility in making my client happy and to stand out above the rest.